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Eliminate the chaos of moving day and let us Put it Away!

Testimonials and Reviews

Read What Some of Our Happy Customers Have to Say About The UNpackers…

This was a great experience. Several rooms, closets got organized much better. They are very thorough, efficient and left “me” with a feeling of accomplishment. When they arrived, I described my ultimate goal. The organizer immediately started working and made many suggestions for a better way to organize. She had great suggestions on how to help improve my method/s of storage and organization.

— Jane D., Phoenix, AZ

Having The UNpackers help with my move(s) has been priceless!

I’ve worked with The UNpackers twice now and I can’t imagine moving without their great team! From start to finish, they made my move a smooth, easy and efficient experience.

In addition to the unpacking and organizing, they referred me to movers, storage facilities, a handyman and donation services. Valerie definitely is a pro who made my life a lot easier in a matter of hours!

I’m going to start giving “The UNpackers experience” as a gift to friends and family!

— Gina W., Phoenix, Arizona

Having help to unpack what to me was an overwhelming number of boxes and then put the stuff away in an organized manner was an absolutely priceless service. While it was impossible to get everything done in a day, they made a huge dent and our home was comfortably livable at days’ end. We slept in our bed and I could have cooked dinner…if I’d wanted to. It was expensive but even so I’d use them again in a heartbeat. My thanks to Valerie and her helpers for a very pleasant experience!

— Heidi T., Queen Creek, AZ

Valerie and Jennifer came on time and did a wonderful job. They came up with storage solutions I would not have thought of. My move was stressful and the Unpackers helped immensely.

— Carol B., Scottsdale, AZ

Great experience — our movers did the packing, The UNpackers did the unpacking! Absolutely incredible experience. They got 4000 square feet of home unpacked, organized and beautiful in just under 8 hours. Very, very highly recommended. Thanks, ladies!!!

— Kim B., Ahwatukee, AZ

We needed advice with organization and storage in our new home. We moved into a larger home last year but even though we reduced our “clutter,” we never quite got organized. Valerie was full of excellent ideas for storing and arranging our stuff and really helped to get us out of our “analysis paralysis.” We wish we could keep her!

— Michael K., Phoenix, AZ

Everyone knows moving is So Stressful. That is before I heard about The Unpackers! They are a Life (sanity) Saver! Valerie and her crew arrived bright and early on move-in day to what looked like to me to be total chaos! I’m still not sure how they accomplished so much in just one day, but all my things were put away and so wonderfully Organized!!!

— Dawn W., Phoenix, Arizona

I’m going to start giving “The UNpackers experience” as a gift to friends and family!

— Gina W., Phoenix, Arizona

The UNpackers organized my closet for me. It was a total disaster to start with, but it’s beautiful now! I would hire them again in a heartbeat. They worked quickly and efficiently. They were also full of recommendations for future organizing projects and products available to help. I really appreciate this service!

— Nancy B., Phoenix, AZ

I enlisted The UNpackers to help me unpack after an out of state move and complete renovation of the house I purchased. Valerie was a miracle worker!! She asked for my priorities, helped me move labeled boxes into the rooms they belonged in, and then set about emptying boxes, shelving books and organizing the flotsam & jetsam. She broke down all the moving boxes and put them out to be recycled.

In general, she created order from the disorder that was overwhelming me. I am absolutely thrilled with the service I received!

It went very smoothly!! Valerie arrived promptly and after asking my priorities went right to work.

I was very impressed that as she worked she would give me tips for future reference, on how my belongings should be packed or stored properly.

She was friendly, informative, focused & very professional. I will definitely use The UNpackers for my next organization project.

— Aleyne L., Phoenix, AZ

I was generously offered the services of unpacking and organizing by the company that relocated me and my husband because the moving company made many mistakes, lost some of our items, and were very unprofessional.

At first I thought of just telling them, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I was already feeling very frustrated and did not want any more strangers in my new home.

I am SO glad that I did not tell them that I did not need the service.

The UNpackers were awesome!

All I had to do is show each of them the rooms that I wanted items unpacked or organized and the next thing I knew my bathroom, office, closet and kitchen were revamped specifically for us.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is moving or just wants to get some great ideas to organize and utilize space they did not think they had.

You just made my life so my easier!

— Pat M., Phoenix, Arizona

Valerie Cantrell was eager to speak with us about our needs. She is very detailed, wanting to know what we needed done and what we expected. She was quick to return calls or emails. She is honest and communicated clearly what she would do and how she would make our home look and feel better before she left. We asked her to come in to our small condo and help us organize the small space we had for a bedroom and a few closets. Before she came she suggested we get large and small boxes to put items in as we started going through our “stuff.”

Valerie came on time and called to alert us she was on her way. From the moment she came into our house she made us feel at ease. She asked what we really wanted to work on and how willing we were to let go of items she would find. We always had the choice to say no. Valerie wanted us to accept our choices and she was quick to move on to the next item to say, “Stay or Go”. The more we said those words, the faster we went through clothes, hats, shoes, jewelry, electronics, pictures and art supplies. As a husband and wife we had fun saying to each other, “Out, gone, or you are not using it, so get rid of it. It is just Stuff. Lets give it to someone else that will put it to use tomorrow.

Our empty boxes got filled and we needed more. Valerie has a wealth of information as to stores to purchase better storage containers. Ones to hang, ones to slide under the bed, and some for drawers. Valerie had suggestions for art and school supplies to be donated to Treasures 4 Teachers. There are consignment stores for new and gently used items from your home also. We laughed a lot and she just kept encouraging us to “lighten up our load.” Lesson of the day, be happy with the small gifts life brings.

— Rebecca E., Glendale, AZ

I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is moving or just wants to get some great ideas to organize and utilize space they did not think they had. You just made my life so my easier!

— Pat M., Phoenix, Arizona

Valerie and The UNpackers are amazing. I was completely overwhelmed moving across country into our house while taking care of two kids under three. After searching the internet, I found out about The UNpackers (there is also an article in the AZ Republic about them). I called, and they were there the next day. They work HARD, and they are FAST. They unpacked boxes and broke them down, organized everything coming out of the boxes, and made suggestions for future unpacking and organizing.

This isn’t a simple unpack-and-set-it-on-a-counter service. Valerie and her team unpacked and placed things where they go better than I would have done. The closets are color-coded and organized. The kitchen is efficient. Valerie will also pick up
organization materials you may need: bookshelves, plastic bins, shoe racks, lazy susans, etc. She helped me completely rethink how to organize the new house, and then she accomplished it for me.

This truly was money well spent, because not only did she take over a completely overwhelming task, but she accomplished it in a manner much better than I ever could have achieved.

— Shanna B., Phoenix, AZ

Valerie came in and helped me organize my craft room which was an overwhelming mess of fabric and other crafts.

The first thing she did was point out some very wasted space in a closet that I could not imagine going through. With her help, I managed to sort the pile into smaller ones — “goodwill,” “rubbish” and “keep.” I now have a closet full of bins with organized fabric, office supplies and other craft items. Valerie helped me by guiding me along the way with good questions that kept me motivated and moving.

While going through various bags, Valerie found my wedding ring which I had stored away 5 years ago and forgot all about! When she left, she left me clear instructions on how to continue organizing and how to keep organized in the future. Valerie was professional, had the ability to communicate her suggestions in a clear manner without being critical or making me feel embarrassed. I am not sure I can say enough good things about the total experience.

— Jane S., Scottsdale, AZ

We could not have ever had a more experienced and passionate person to help us with household organization.

Valerie Cantrell made us feel at ease with opening up our home. She never felt like a stranger.

The first day we put in a request to have her contact us via email, she was prompt and very professional.

On the date we set up she called to confirm and was on time and energetic to get started.

We worked on our bedroom storage and closets. With her positive, can do attitude, we put many items in boxes for donations.

We will tell everyone how much of a relief it was to have more organization and how nice it is to look into a room or a closet and find everything at a glance. Not digging through piles of “stuff.” It still feels great today as we look around and smile. We never needed those things hidden away for all those years. Use it or pass it on to someone that can.

— Karen W., Phoenix, AZ

Valerie came to our rescue and helped sort out boxes of clothing, kitchen cabinet items, living room decorations, dining room furniture, bedroom closets and dressers, bathroom cabinets, hall closet and laundry room. Also the porch storage room. This was a huge project and it could not have gone smoother.

Valerie was called at the last minute due to my desperation needing help moving my 91 year old Mother from a two bedroom Condo into a small one bedroom apartment. Both my Mother and I were worn out before Valerie got there. Lucky for us another of Valerie’s clients changed her appointment. All three of us went through items, separating those to keep and those to donate. Valerie came on time at 9:00 a.m. and left us at 1:30 p.m. with an apartment that my Mother could walk around in and feel like she had an organized new home. We had some laughs and she was helpful in reminding us to stop and eat and at least drink some water. We got so involved with opening up boxes and trying to figure out what to keep. Valerie helped us to keep up a good attitude, and assure us that we could get all of it accomplished. She took out the empty boxes and made sure all was cleaned up before she left. I will use her again. She is a breath of fresh air.

— Raina C., Scottsdale, AZ
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