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Eliminate the chaos of moving day and let us Put it Away!

Planning For the Week of Your Move

Pack a suitcase with:

  • medication
  • toiletries
  • toilet paper
  • clean bed linens
  • coffee pot, cups and utensils
  • electronic device chargers

Upon arrival of the moving van, ask the mover to place the boxes in their appropriate rooms. Notify The UNpackers if the boxes were left in the garage so arrangements can be made to bring the boxes into the house.

Counters, islands and tables should be as clear as possible for the unwrapping and sorting process. Set aside all personal paperwork, phones, laptops, remotes and keys somewhere safe, away from the unpacking activity.

Empty cabinets and drawers if possible, of all leftover construction material and manuals. We will place these in a container upon arrival if necessary.

When possible, do not fill closets and shelves with the moving boxes. Sometimes space is at a premium and this cannot be avoided, in which case, we will move them upon our arrival.

Organizing products you may ask The UNpackers to bring:

  • Silverware or utensil dividers (neat things from the Container Store)
  • Turntables for spices
  • Large turntables 18″ for deep pantries
  • Shelf doublers for pantries or cupboards
  • Shoe cubbies, or stacking shelves (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.)

Washing Dishes:

If kitchen items are in need of washing, we suggest finishing the organizing and placement process on day one, and then taking one cupboard at a time the following week, when the counters are clear and safe. We will be happy to schedule time to help with this project.


Moving is a fickle process! Things happen on almost ALL moves to change everyone’s best plans. We ask that you give The UNpackers as much notice as you are able if a change occurs. Depending on the circumstances, a rescheduling fee may be applied.

Thank You for Choosing The UNpackers!

created by erickson studio.