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Jun 07 2016
Jun 05 2016

🚨 General Mills Flour Recall

General Mills flour products have been recalled due to E. coli concerns — read more on General Mills’ website:

Sep 12 2015 Top 10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Getting Rid of Clutter Once and For All

Dealing with clutter is a constant battle for many of us. Clutter can creep up on us, it drains us mentally even if we’re not directly thinking about the clutter, and it wastes our time and money. A binge decluttering session won’t be enough to keep clutter at bay forever; we’ve got to change our mental habits. Here are ten new ways of looking at clutter.

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Sep 03 2015

This Client Was Doubtful…Read What Happened Next!

I was generously offered the services of unpacking and organizing by the company that relocated me and my husband because the moving company made many mistakes, lost some of our items, and were very unprofessional.

At first I thought of just telling them, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I was already feeling very frustrated and did not want any more strangers in my new home.

I am SO glad that I did not tell them that I did not need the service.

The UNpackers were awesome!

All I had to do is show each of them the rooms that I wanted items unpacked or organized and the next thing I knew my bathroom, office, closet and kitchen were revamped specifically for us.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is moving or just wants to get some great ideas to organize and utilize space they did not think they had.

You just made my life so my easier!

–Pat M., Phoenix, Arizona

Aug 26 2015

Announcing Our New Website

The UNpackers are excited to announce our new website! It’s been years since our last update, and we are super pleased with the results. Our new website has been updated with fresh content, more helpful information and, of course, a brand-new look. It’s also mobile-friendly, so you can find what you need on any device.

We can’t wait for you to visit and see for yourself!

Special thanks to the folks at erickson studio for creating our new website.

Jan 31 2015

Building Closet Shelves on a Budget

Not everyone can afford to hire a handyman to build extra closet shelves.

White particle board shoe racks and two shelf tables from Target fit nicely on a shelf and create upper storage for blankets, pillows or luggage, while leaving reachable space for purses and supplies. Plastic crates used for files can be turned on their side to create a shelf and storage area below. For those of us on a tight budget a small moving box turned on its side will create a shelf with space beneath.

Nov 15 2014

Why Do I Need to Get Organized?

Organized people save time and money, make more money, and have lower stress and frustration levels. The amount of information available to us continues to grow at a rapid pace, as do the number of demands on our time. The UNpackers gives you the power to decide on what items to take action on, what to keep, and what to toss.

Tips for the Home:

  • Take your children with you when you go to donate unused items. This helps them learn to part with things.
  • Look up to identify storage spaces in a room; bare walls and above the cabinets are often underutilized. Also, don’t forget behind the door.
  • Evaluate whether you want to continue receiving magazines you’re not reading, or consider rotating subscriptions.
  • Group items together according to how you use them. For instance, keep all ingredients needed for baking together.

Feb 18 2007

A Home Makeover for a Giving Family

David Mills
12 News
Feb. 18, 2007 05:29 PM

Roberto and Kristina Gallarzo have hosted 16 foster children over the last two years.

The family has now adopted Gloria, a toddler who is HIV positive. The National Association of Professional Organizers selected them to receive a home-makeover.

The makeover would include redoing their family room, which was promptly expanded to the rest of the house and landscaping. advertisement

The Gallarzos’ have three children of their own and everyone was very excited and surprised to see the results.

Susan Stewart, co-chair of Destination Organization, told me about the family and what it meant to her and the rest of the crew to help such a giving family.

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Jul 24 2004

Boxes for Every Job

Susan Felt
The Arizona Republic
Jul. 24, 2004 12:00 AM


Destination Organization

Stackable drawers, regardless of size, are especially suited for under the bathroom sink or in closets or offices, according to professional organizer Valerie Cantrell. The small ones are wonderful for ointments, bandages, contact lenses, hair ribbons or clips, Cantrell says. She likes Sterilite’s three-drawer stackables. I’ve been able to find them at Big Lots for $4.99 each.

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Apr 24 2004

Rachel Garrard’s Storage Room

Sue Doerfler
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 24, 2004 12:00 AM

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER: Valerie Cantrell, The UNpackers, (602) 361-6244 or Specialty: helping clients organize before moving.

THE PROBLEM: Rachel Garrard had used a small storage room off the kitchen of her north Phoenix home as a catchall. The room, which had a row of cabinets, also served as an overflow pantry, closet for her husband Richard’s work supplies, and place for auto supplies and home-improvement tools.

“My husband loves a neat, straight house,” said Garrard, who concedes that she struggles with organization and wants to get her home in order before a possible move. Also, she and her husband respond differently to clutter: “He feels so much more at peace (without clutter),” she said. “I can live with clutter. Part of my brain turns it off.”

THE SOLUTION: Cantrell pulled items from cabinets and countertops and placed them in various piles — auto supplies, donations, bath supplies, food and the like — for Garrard to look through and edit. The large black garbage bag she hung on the door for throwaway items was filled and replaced by another.

After several hours of pitching, grouping items and moving others to storage places near where those items are used, the cabinets were clutter-free. One cabinet was the designated food pantry. Pet food, bandages and such were moved to another cabinet. Small items similar in use were placed in small plastic containers.

THE OUTCOME: “It’s not the same house,” said Garrard, who was especially thrilled with the organizing tips, such as placing like items together, she learned from Cantrell. “It’s a matter of training your kids and training yourself to put (things) back where you got them.” Also, “you have to be willing to pitch things. You can’t go into it thinking you can keep everything.”


  • Don’t hide items behind other things. Don’t store items in bags. “If you can’t see it, you won’t use it,” Cantrell said. “You’ll buy more. You’ll waste money.”
  • Always return items to the place you got them when you’re done using them. “If you don’t take 15 minutes at the end of the day, you will spend two hours (cleaning the clutter) on the weekend or the whole day at the end of the month,” Cantrell said.
  • Clear out clutter before you move.

Reach the reporter at (602) 444-8236.

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Copyright ©2004, Used with permission.

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