Moving Day Support

Eliminate the chaos of moving day and enjoy your new home sooner.

If you have ever moved, you know the toll it can take on you and your family.

How great would it be to have your entire home unpacked and organized, the very day you move in?

The process of unpacking and arranging starts with a short consultation prior to moving day, regarding your lifstyle and preferences for placement of items. This will leave you free to attend to the many tasks the day you move in.

We coordinate with the movers, to load the kitchen boxes last, (meaning they come off the van first) This allows The Unpackers to stay out of the way, while the movers continue to unload.

It is not unusual to have the kitchen, closets, laundry, pantry and even the garage unpacked and organized the first day.

We can make beds, so you can rest easy at the end of the day.
Rates are reasonable, and even apartment renters have been known to use this service.

Total charges will depend on how quickly you need the work completed, whether you or other family will be lending a hand, and of course, your budget.

Prior to your move “The UNpackers” can assist in the cleaning out, donating and shredding of documents on Premises.

The benefits of purging before the move are:

  • Less to pack = less to pay the movers
  • Moving day will go smoothly when there are only wanted items to place.

We look forward to supporting you and your moving team.

- Valerie Cantrell

Moving Day the Old Way:

Moving Day The Unpackers Way:

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The Unpackers of Phoenix Area, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, CareFree, Chandler offers professional Phoenix organizing help. Relocating?We are your Scottsdale, Phoenix PHX moving organizer. Call us for your moving day needs — we know how to make your move quick and easy!!